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Belgian railway platforms

The first is a different angle on Platform #12.

Eadaoin takes photographs at La Maison d’Érasme, Anderlecht

Rue de Formanoir, Anderlecht

About the only thing remarkable about Rue de Formanoir is Erasmus House at the far end from the metro station. There’s a weekend tradition where all the residents come out and turn out their homes to sell knick-knacks and mathoms on the street. The street market is a fantastic idea made possible by the high […]

Eadaoin at Zonnekemeers, Brugge

Zonnekemeers leads the way out of the old city and into the newer suburbs. You can see the progression in architecture from the 1700s to the 2000s as you walk from one end of the street to the other.

Eadaoin in a Christmas Cave

Taken at De Witte Pelikaan in Brugge, Flanders.

Brugge, Flanders

Brugge is one of the top tourist spots in Belgium, and indeed, most of Western Europe. A PDF I pulled up asserts “…29 million overnight stays and 11 million tourist arrivals” to Flanders. Tens of millions of people visited to Brugge over the last half century. Those visitors took somewhere between hundreds and thousands of […]

Brugge from the Dijver

The Dijver is a traditional canal, street and marketplace in the heart of Brugge, although today’s markets sell tourist tat. :) I took this panorama while on a boat trip with Eadaoin.

Platform #12, Brussel-Zuid Train Station

Foggy and dark and cold-the perfect platform for a trip to sunny Brugge!

Rue des Poissonniers, Brussels

I had Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee right after I took this, which is all kinds of awesome.

Pretty green postbox, Anderlecht, Brussels

There are many such beautiful details to be found if your eyes are adventurous and discerning. :)

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Brussels

Like with everywhere else famous, there’s a weird discontinuity between a Google Maps lookup or a Wikipedia article, and the reality of walking through the arch. It stops being some far off exotic location, and becomes a collection of expensive chocolate and bag shops, and a cafe where I had a great coffee.

La Maison d’Érasme, Anderlecht, Brussels

Erasmus House is gorgeous.

Eadaoin and I at La Maison d’Érasme, Anderlecht, Brussels

Erasmus lived and taught at the house by all accounts. The garden is beautiful, a serene green space in built-up Anderlecht.