Goddammit, Past Mark

I gave such an efficient answer that this post was the top Google result for “wall of photographs css.” I wanted to take another crack at the problem from a different angle, but no, I already have it solved. Jerk.

Yeah, to hell with the Irish lottery

6 / 45 = 0.133333333 6 / 44 = 0.1363636363636364 6 / 43 = 0.1395348837209302 6 / 42 = 0.1428571428571429 6 / 41 = 0.1463414634146341 6 / 40 = 0.15 0.133333333 * 0.1363636363636364 * 0.1395348837209302 * 0.1428571428571429 * 0.1463414634146341 * 0.15 = 0.00000795574 = 0.00000795574 * 100000 = 0.795574 0.795574 probability of a given combination […]

Soul food feast

Preamble: Compared to the Thai curry this meal was a dream to make. I already had most of the ingredients, and I was able to (with permission) take the remainder from Alanna and Casey’s stock. Chicken-fried steak is a steak fried like a chicken, so you call it “chicken-fried” (do you see a trend here?). […]

Vegan Thai curry

Preamble: The original recipe was awful. Follow the link for my entire rant about the experience, but TL;DR: 1. There were ingredients listed that weren’t used. 2. There were steps in the preparation that used ingredients which weren’t listed. Besides all of my woes in the other post, because of the shitty recipe, I fucked […]

Your mother is so $m that $n occurs

Your mother is so fat that the hypergiant star NML Cygni has her name in the second line of its address. Your mother is so fat that if she were a ISO 1216 standard sheet of paper, her size would be A-10. Your mother is so fat that if she were a metropolitan statistical area, […]

A proposal for an experiment

I have noticed that many Irish Catholics bless themselves when in proximity to, or otherwise pass a church. I conjecture it is down to one of two effect, but I cannot tell which it might be through casual observation alone: There exists a spiritual inverse-square law. Every time you halve your distance to the church, […]


I’m using a fire, among the oldest of human technologies (say a good half million years?) while I upload files to my wife’s website using the Internet, one of our most recent (20 years).

Weirdly poignant

If you feel that your manhood is already dead, call us In my mind’s eye I’m reading this spam message to an acoustic backdrop courtesy of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Maybe Providence. “The preacher man says that it’s the end of time.” Outside, the day is bleak. Dirty clouds sail overhead, scurrying away inland ahead […]

Round two hundred?

Khendros: Your pirate facade presents an eerie resemblence to George Clooney Mark: Arr, boobies! Khendros: Ninjas rule, sir Mark: Do you know why ninja hide in the shadows? They heard there were pirates about. Khendros: Know why pirates always wear eye patches? Because Ninjas keep stealing their fucking eyes Mark: You know why ninja wear […]

The world’s greatest monolgue

And there I am in Sri lanka, formerly Ceylon, at 3 am, looking for brown M&Ms to fill a brandy glass, or Ozzy wouldn’t go on stage that night. Jeff Beck pops his head round the door and mentions there’s a little sweet shop on the edge of town. We go, and it’s closed. There’s […]