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Seljalandsfoss Cloning Before/After

In my post about Sk√≥gafoss, I mentioned that I spent a few tedious hours in Photoshop cloning out tourists. This led to some questions from my friend Duncan about the time I put in to remove the tourists, which in turn put it into my head to upload this. There really were a million of […]

UX Matters

We read left-to-right. We’re trained to click left-first. Worse, the fucking unhappy path is green. I clicked this “unhappy” three times on three orders before I realized their shit. Edit: On second thoughts, this is asshole design. Make it easy for customers to leave negative responses, then use the bogus data to upsell on services.

How much would I weigh on…?

I have a morbid interest in how much I would weigh on various celestial bodies. This isn’t for everyone, but visualization of weight helps me quantify extrasolar worlds and weirdos like neutron stars. I played around with a spreadsheet yesterday to start off. I came up with a couple of functions to calculate equatorial surface […]


Ciaran at is on holdiays so I have been handling adverts for the site in his absense: It’s been a different kind of challenge to do this (you try to track down vector branding for regional companies!), although quite fun.

I learned me some Illustrator

The Ouro site doesn’t look too bad

Go check it out:

The impossible snowman

I volunteered to do the poster for an 091 Labs pub quiz that’s on later in the month. I really wanted to come back to impossible shapes after the Penrose Triangle board games poster.

New business cards!

And just in the nick of time for tomorrow’s startup event:

A Penrose Triangle is apparently hard to draw correctly

I needed one for a project, but all of the triangle vectors I found through Google were either skewed or badly-hand estimated. I guess it isn’t helped that Photoshop completely lacks inbuilt tools for centering triangles.

I want this half hour of my life back

A pretty Venn diagram that explains the Irish definition of “knacker.” It got kinda cancerous toward the end.

Irish board gaming

This is why I needed a Scrabble board.

“Scrabble” Photoshop template 100% vector. You will need to download and install the News Gothic typeface on your computer in order to make use of this template. This template includes a tile so that you may make your own letters too.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Arachnids. This game out of a conversation at 091 Labs about Reddit’s /r/spidersgonewild/. Let it never be said that I cannot be creative in a pinch.

NML Cygni

Click on the image to view the full size (4961 x 7016):

Nyan Cat family vectors (.psd)

I made these wallpapers for Caira’s iPad. I found that the quality of Nyan* resources on the Internet is awful (if I can see pixels, you’re doing it wrong), so I grabbed some reference images and made my own vectors. Click the first image to download. Enjoy!

Salusa Secundus: Sun! Sand! Sardaukar!

Arrakis, home of the Spice!

Arrakis. Dune. Desert planet. Now leatherbound.

Huge cheers to Frank for the early Christmas present!

2013’s April Fool

AKA “Mark’s going back to America!” I used this letter as my base template. I grabbed the logo from Google, a “scanned white page” from Google, and copy-pasted the fold lines from the original letter. I wrote and formatted the text in Google Docs, exported it as a PDF, and overlaid the scanned page and […]

100% CSS egg

I won’t call it pretty, but it works! .egg { /* Ratio between width and height should be 1.318:1. */ width: 200px; height: 263.6px; background-color: #fff; /* curve ratio 0.75:1 */ border-top-left-radius: 170% 225%; border-top-right-radius: 170% 225%; /* Curve ratio 1.41:1 */ border-bottom-left-radius: 170% 120%; border-bottom-right-radius: 170% 120%; }

Absurdly high-resolution Minecraft grass/dirt texture

Was for a poster piece that didn’t pan out. 5600 x 5600 vector master (.PSD). Enjoy.

The TARDIS and a Dalek

Jenny asked me to produce some custom pinball apron cards for Frax’s machines. You can see some examples here. Here’s the Dalek and TARDIS from them:

Photo restoration

Via Reddit.

Know your robots!

All in one place, for my convenience.

The “Travel the Imperium!” posters

They just came up in a conversation.

Galway LAN party?

Your pal Creeper

Ghetto Creeper vector (PSD)

Using a reference image, I filled in square shapes with the appropriate colours. Enjoy. Grab it here.