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Useful World of Warcraft macros

I recently returned to a healing alt character in World of Warcraft, and I’ve come up with some useful and multifunctional macros to share. I have mild RSI in my right arm that was exacerbated by click-targeting, so to prevent problems I moved the bulk of my abilities to @mouseover macros, with fallback for self-targeting. […]

Sexy new UI

Still needs work; I’m 90% there. My biggest problem has been training myself to look at the correct parts of the GUI for information. There’s more information presented than in the old GUI, if I but look. There is one area of duplication: Debuffs on me. I kept dying because I didn’t really look at […]

The Bloodthirsty

If I allowed myself to keep alcohol in the house, I would now take out the bottle. I’d set the bottle and a glass on the table, measure out a bleak finger, and down it. So. I’ve done it. The last of the big four PVP achievements, alongside Battlemaster, Khan and Conqueror. I feel hollow […]

Wrecking Ball III

I think I have the hang of Warlocking again. As of writing, Shanishta’s gear is bad-there are still a bunch of Timeless pieces, and Prideful/Grievous pieces missing enchants-but I have an idea of how it can be played now. I played a lock for two or three years back in vanilla, but a look at […]

World of Warcraft arena carry macros

These three macros do: The party leader uses the first to queue for a 2v2 arena. The very first time you run, you may have to open the actual panel and click it. The other party member uses the second macro to automatically select a role. Both party members use the third macro when the […]

Children everywhere love Masserah

How can you dislike this happy smiling face and cheerful wave? The Battle Tabard of the Defilers is a unique and very hard to get PVP vanity item. Simply having one is an accomplishment, but I went further and ran Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader for six or seven straight weeks to get a […]

512,261 reasons Shaman are fun in PVP

Your Stormblast hit Nockani-Area52 149403 Nature. Your Stormblast Off-Hand hit Nockani-Area52 61074 Nature. Your Wind Lash hit Nockani-Area52 36045 Nature. Your Flametongue Attack hit Nockani-Area52 7684 Fire. Your Lightning Shield hit Nockani-Area52 10333 Nature. You killed Nockani-Area52. Your Elemental Blast hit Nockani-Area52 123371 Elemental. (123721 Overkill) (Critical) Two Global Cooldowns (GCDs).


Friends have been informed, my auctions cancelled and my mailboxes emptied. I unsubscribed from World of Warcraft about two weeks ago, and my account time expires at 9pm today, February 27. Tomorrow’ll mark the first time that I have been completely of, and away from, the video game in well over three years. roawr

I only wanted to help :(

[W From] [64:Lemexor]: u have some gold [W To] [64:Lemexor]: Yes, I do, thank you for the offer though. :) [W From] [64:Lemexor]: u have ? [W To] [64:Lemexor]: Yep, like 100k [W From] [64:Lemexor]: can u give me W From] [64:Lemexor]: plsss [W To] [64:Lemexor]: I could spare you, like, 1 copper [W From] […]

True love knows no limits

[W From] [87:Descendènt-Zul]: Hey faggot, so I see you’re one of those people everyone hates. Well when you’re not a douche, and can do something for once. Then stfu and uninstall this game, you’re pathetic.I hope you fail in life, wich i’m sure will happen due to the ignorance. [W To] [87:Descendènt-Zul]: I <3 you […]

Oh happy days

[P] [Aorien-Und]: u want to use vent? [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: im in askype witha friend [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: shouoldnt nee if were not retared lol [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: need [P] [90:Masserah]: *we’re *shouldn’t *retarded [P] [Aorien-Und]: oh i know. i just meant for fun [P] [90:Masserah]: I already feel unsafe [PL] [Kimbö-Sha]: ? [P] [90:Masserah]: You can’t even […]


I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts last night, and likewise wound down several other social accounts. While, sadly, there isn’t much I can do about the information in those accounts. At this point, the only two profiles I’ve purposefully kept are for Intstagram and YouTube-Instagram because it serves my stream of photographs, and YouTube […]


In the most recent World of Warcraft patch, Blizzard changed Tuft of Yak Fur and Oddly-Shaped Horn so as to make them usable in anyzone-including battlegrounds. Combine this with Slow Fall. I have not laughed so hard in many months as I did at our cavalcade of giant flying yak during its assault on the […]