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The Kitties of Harold’s Cross

Lookit the lil whiskers! 🐱

Dublin Bay Cloudscape

Although the sky around the sun got blown out to fuck, I’m really happy with this spectacular cloudscape from over Dublin Bay. Going to work in the Baily Lighthouse has become a high point in my career. Every day something about the job lifts me up, like on Friday when we spotted a porpoise on […]

Race Report: DLR Bay 10k 2018

Time: 00:47:24 Distance: 10.00km Pace: 00:04:39/km Finished: 223/1229 (18/100 normalised)

August Skies

I’ve seen mountains and deserts and lakes and forests and ice caps and snow, but nothing in this world soothes my heart like the sea breeze, the cry of gulls and clouds hung low o’er the horizon.