Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.



But Yes, I’m Burned Out

Don't bring personal lives into professional interviews, Jesus fuck.

Meta: Excuses for Not Blogging

There aren’t any. You should blog when you want to. There. I wanted to say this, because the time between posts starts to act as a deterrent of itself. “Oh but there’s so much to catch up on since X!” That’s all. Less than three.

The Grindelwald Valley

Dude, Schnee. Mettenberg (links) und Der Eiger (rechts), beim Grindelwald im Berner Oberland. Fotografieret auf 26 September.


In Switzerland I faced a constant struggled with poor mental health. Covid, isolation, lockdown combined with work and family stresses combined to form some rough moments. There were tears a few times as the worst of it got the best of me, but by and by I made my way. And Switzerland was so wonderful, […]