Mark Grealish

Cats and wizardry.


I Don’t Get It

Over the last few months I’ve lost a bunch of weight-and continue to do so. At any given point, now will be lowest weight I’ve reached as an adult. Along the way here I learned the fundamental of compassion. With it have been able to reach out to the people in my life and become […]

Now in this Hush

Taken during the worst of the blizzard during Storm Emma.

White Dublin

Snow around Rathmines and Harold’s Cross on the second and third days of Storm Emma.

Storm Emma

Harold’s Cross and Rathmines on the first day of Storm Emma.

Nine Days Difference

Taken at Portobello, Dublin.

Leonard’s Corner

Taken before lousy Smarch weather rolled in.

And Two Seagulls

The Dragon of Parnell Street

Happy year of the dog!

Intent and Effect

Effect matters more than intent. It doesn’t matter a whit that I tell you what I intended, when the way I affected you has been are the clear opposite. Consequences are asymptotic-they echo on for years and only slowly taper. The foundation of a good life lies in the ability able to balance your needs […]

Howth Narci-selfie

Because I’m awesome and handsome and manly. And hairy and wrinkly. Featuring grey hair. Umm. ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ ?

Island, Woman, Sky

Taken at the Howth Cliff Walk on February 18.

Ninety Degrees Separated

Taken at Usher’s, Dublin on February 8.


As I said last night on Instagram, I can’t get over how much my face has changed through my weight loss.

Big Data

Go running and healthy eating! I’m under 70kg for the first time since I turned 25.

10k: Done!

More man than man. ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ My goals are to increase my 5k pace, and boost my stamina on 10k runs, both for the Road and Road 10k in Kinvara in March. I have every confidence in myself that I’ll succeed and complete the Road and Road event and reach my intermediate goals.

Woodquay at Sunset

We get the best and worst of weathers in a Galway winter.

Wet Run

Storm Eleanor has left the power out in places and half of Galway underwater from the tidal surge. Okay, so my pace despite the weather-I had the wind against me the entire way, and it rained twice-makes me happy, because it continues to be on a downward slope. Sorry for the graph. It’s the result […]


There’s a sorrow in me, a deep sadness for the hurt I’ve caused, the hurt caused to me, and the toll in joy it takes from us. We all lose something fundamental as we get older. We learn that our intent mightn’t be theirs, that they’ll take what they want. We learn about lies and […]

Goodbye, 2017

We make our own happiness.

The Hill of Doon

Taken on the Western Way in early December 2017.

Madra augus Asal

Taken on the road from the Hill of Doon to Oughterard.

Upper Lough Corrib Looking Toward the Maam Valley

Taken beside the Hill of Doon along the Western Way. What a day! What a view!

December 26

My head hurts, but it doesn’t hurt. There’s pressure, not in my head but in my head, if you get me. Got an itch in my feet to get up and go, to run and scream and laugh and jump. I’m angry and happy and fucked up and tired and pissed off and content, and […]

The Siblings Grealish

Miracle of miracles, I managed to get everyone together for breakfast in Loughrea!

Still Young

Youngish? Far off may the day be that I can no longer balance on the wall at the Plots.

Wet Galway, December 2017

It’s pure fucking Leprechaun magic, how it rained in Galway for a straight fucking week. The fuck.


Jesus fuck, but me then. It astounds me what diet, exercise, and a royal kick up the arse have done for my attitude and appearance. And in going farther out, I definitely no longer look like a cringy attic-dweller.

Menlo Castle in the Snow

What a fantastic start to my winter holidays!

Go Party Team!

Holy heck, but one year at GirlCrew. We had an amazing night out at Tippenyaki in Rathmines

The Glendalough Valley from Laragh

Taking while on a hike with a hillwalking group. Absolutely stunning day.