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Dealing with a WordPress developer

I understand that GPL license gives you the permissions to modify the code and then do whatever you want with it, claiming as your own work, but we are not very OK with this, because this is a commercial theme and there are a lot of people who preferred to buy a premium theme rather than using a free one. So I don’t think that they will be happy seeing a similar theme somewhere else being distributed for free.

The GPL is apparently all well and good until it comes to your own license obligations.

I bought Caira a copy of Minecraft

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Caira playing Minecraft

Garrett and Caira shared a Minecraft game world on their iPad. It didn’t end well:

whats the thing for mind craft again? Caira had a house on the ipad that garrette exploded and covered in lava and she had a melt down so I told her I would put it on the computer so he couldn’t play hers again

Caira built a house. Garrett somehow found, bucketed, and then dumped lava on it. Innocent animals were inside. None were spared.

Caira said this is the best day of her life since she gets to play it on the computer

I had to help Marilyn set up and run Minecraft over Skype, and then show Caira how to get out of a giant hole. Literally, they started a game, turned around, and fell into a cavern. Only magic can describe this.

I am. Are you?

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