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No to everything

I did an online quiz. Rabble rabble, power to the people.

(Simple!) Sass/Scss margin size management

Like, fuck it. After something like three years fucking with this problem, a realization has come upon me that the simplest solutions are the best solutions. The core of my problem was this: I wanted to manage a set of margin and padding sizes from a central point. I want to base sizes all sizes […]

Three Rock and Ticknock Forest

I went up the mountain for a wander this evening, a perfect followup to tea in Malahide with my mum yesterday.

In Malahide with my Mammy

Mum came up for the day as a surprise visit!

Circular shift Roman letters in CoffeeScript

This Codewars problem annoyed the crap out of me. shift = (letter, amount) -> mod = if /[A-Z]/.test letter then 65 else 97 String.fromCharCode mod + (letter.charCodeAt(0) + amount) % mod % 26 The formula to constrain a number to a range is: (range_start + offset_here) % range_start % range_size

Snapshots from the Wicklow Way

Although by “Wicklow Way” I mostly mean “Cloghnagun” in this case.

Kilgobbin Church and Three Rock, Dublin

The Kitter-ties

Geddit? Liberties?

Annacrivey Woods

Taken while hiking the Wicklow Way.

New Home, New Life


The Ascent of Carrickgollogan

And by the title, what I mean is that I walked over the Scalp, summited the mighty Carrickgollogan, visited the ruined earthenworks of Ballycorus, and thence descended to Cherrywood. The walk was straightforward (some bits up, other bits down), the weather unpredictable, and my thoughts strange. Eadaoin and I are in the middle of a […]

Beautiful Mark, Beautiful Galway

:3 After last night spent with Jennifer, I had lunch with mum in Galway, then wandered the city for the evening. The weather was glorious. I miss Galway, I miss home.

Ella and Oisin

I spent Saturday night with Jennifer in Loughrea, although I almost had to walk a chunk of the way. On Saturday I decided to work in the morning and leave at three. Problem is I forgot about the bloody Bus √Čireann strike, so I barely made it onto the last bus out of town. It […]

Always Grouchy

Taken at Blackrock, Dublin.

Ballycorus Leadmines

Photographed on my hike today. I was surprised when this photograph came out, let alone perfectly, because the wind blew me flat on my ass as I finished the capture.

Hell of a week

I couldn’t get my head straight on Tuesday so I went to look at the sea instead.

Perfect and Blue and Empty

The day was too much, so I climbed a hill and decided to be for a while.

Pretty and red at Blackrock

Unhappily Coned, February 2017

Poor Cookie. :(

Eadaoin, Brussels, October 2016

Ella, Caira and Garrett at the park, June 2011

Taken at Lough Atalia, Galway.

Garrett in Cliffoney, July 2012

July 7, 2012


Never mind her surgery two weeks ago.

Dublin Sunset, February 2017

Blackrock Dawn

Sometimes it’s not all that bad

Self-referential “has_many :through” relationship in Rails 5

A self-referential has_many :through relationship is one where a class interacts with itself through a join table. The classic use are followings: I follow another user. Another user follows me. So a Following is a two-way relationship between the User class and itself. There are a bunch of guides for this that are either outdated […]

Kill puma

Grr, rage, annoyance, rabble. kill -9 $(lsof -wni tcp:3000 -t)

This is the unseen side of my professional working life

The struggle is real.

Oh, Cookie

“No Cookie! Feet are friends, not food! Feet are not for teeth!”