‘Hackerraum Neue’

‘Hackerraum” or “Hacker room” seems to be the closest German has to ‘hackerspace,’ although even German hackerspaces seem to use the English ‘Hackerspace.’ Hackerraum Neue is ‘New Hacker Room.’ Fancy post title. Because.


Elegant Grunge’s creator has cut and run from it-the theme hasn’t been updated since 2012. ‘Elegant Grunge’ fit the site at the time, because it is thematically close to the logo I created for the space, but since then (November ’13) the hackerspace changed to a new logo designed by the talented Darren Kearney. My logo was rough, corroded, and seeped in warm orange. It communicated rust, hardware, and metalwork. Darren’s logo is cool, smooth, and communicates modern interface design. The logo represents everything mine didn’t, and I’m pretty happy that Darren came along and changed things around. The hackerspace has moved quickly to change to Darren’s logo. You’ll find it on Twitter and Facebook, emblazoned on their media, and pinned up on a wall in the space.

So, before Darren’s new logo (but now on the back of it) was conceived, in August of 2012, I proposed an overhaul of 091labs.com. ‘Labs F5’ was lauded and immediately shelved. I had a breakdown and turned suicidal. I was in no state to pursue the project. Everyone else agreed a refresh was needed, but also agreed that somebody else should do it.

I also felt that I didn’t have the skills for this project. I had a feel for design, sure, but no HTML, no CSS, no JS, and no UX. I couldn’t possibly organize and execute a project of this scale myself. Well, now I have. Real Men Wear Beards and Funcan are only the most recent of several. So here we are.

A lot is going to change. I want to purge 091labs.com of every trace of the old theme-themes actually: At somebody somebody installed WPtouch to handle mobile clients. The new design takes a typography-heavy, bottom-up responsive approach. The site will have the same appearance across smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, with an adjustable number of content columns that fit to the available width, and buzzword-y features like navigation drawer (see the picture above) to save space.

Member activity on 091labs.com is minimal. The hackerspace is active and advertises, but not through the blog. I hope to integrate (honestly, I can design a pretty front-end, but I’ve barely dabbled with REST and OAuth) some Twitter and Facebook posts, a (requested) better calendar feed. Overall, I will evaluate what parts are being used most, and prune those that aren’t.

Keep an eye out here on Real Men Wear Beards and the GitHub repo. If you think you can help, then help!


Casey and Alanna

I moved house two weeks ago. Mumble blog update. I’m out of Prospect Hill, and in with two friends, Alanna and Casey, down behind the Jes on Sea Road. I like it a lot. It’s quiet, my housemates are awesome, I’m close to Salthill (for walking), and not a single item I own reeks of cigarettes anymore. Yay. If you need/want the address, just whois bhalash.com.


I’ve been quiet here. The new laptop is awesome. There are no two ways about it. I’m having a ball playing World of Warcraft and enjoying the Internet, as a whole, in a marginally-higher resolution.

Oh yeah, school work. Totally. See:


A new blog. A whole new look. A whole new me.

The title is ah, representative of the incredible spirals of self-loathing that I can work myself into. The whole “verge of suicide” thing from May, remember? I think I am starting to overcome the cycle and see a future myself thanks to the concerted stubbornness of family, friends and antidepressants (Lexapro).

I wanted to inaugurate my new-found not-unhappiness with a new, completely not-unhappy blog, one that utilizes all of those lessons learned from my previous blogs.

Lessons Learned:

  • K.I.S.S. – pick something and stick with it. Don’t freaking hop around, reblog a bunch of junk and wonder what the hell you were thinking a full month later.
  • Keep it low-key. I maybe erred in starting off my previous tumblelog as something private, deciding that Tumblr was Teh Shit and plugging the blog into my domain, pimping the site out and then eventually moving away from it.
  • Tag it, title it. After I rolled the last tumblelog into my main WordPress site, I was left with about one hundred and fifty untagged, untitled posts that were mostly duplicates on content already on the main site. It was a freaking nightmare. A. Freaking. Nightmare.

So there you have it, folks!