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the life and code of a crazy cat man


with recursion

today i solved a problem with recursion today i solved a problem with today i solved a problem today i today solved i recursion i today with^c^c^c

Cookie says hi!

This is my life meow

I’m a Cookie cot.

Like three times worse

Overheard today at work: God keeps killing unicorns. This is worse than kill_orphans.

Vanilla JavaScript method to map an array to a callback

I am being so productive today. function map(arr, callback) { return !arr.length ? [] : [].concat(callback(arr[0]), map(arr.slice(1), callback)); }

Spanish Point Eadaoin

Taken at Maria and Adrian’s wedding in September 2016. :)

Disapproving Cookie

I don’t know why I feel so judged, but I do.

“Hello world!” from elm

I am teaching myself functional programming and MV JavaScript applications by way of Elm. Although Elm has so far managed to wreck my head, parts of it have begun to be less opaque. /tooting intensifies import Html exposing (Html, text, div, button, h3) import Html.App exposing (beginnerProgram) import Html.Events exposing (onClick) main = beginnerProgram { […]

To be honest, we’re hot shit

Yeah, look at us.

Literally Markour

Eadaoin asked for urban exploration, for parkour and excitement. I have no idea why she giggled at me when I delivered.

Writing off WordPress

I have begun the move away from WordPress that I promised I’d make. My first steps were to: Submit Sheepie to the WordPress theme codex. Publish the the underlying Sass library, Charon, npm (the description needs work at the time this post went up). I have ceased all development and support for all PHP- or […]

Strange days, dark days

I’m gonna say it: today was strange. A person I worked for last year committed suicide on Monday night. While I know their reasons, they aren’t mine to share, but I can understand and sympathise with their underlying motive. That I can talk about. There are a million stupid “think about the suiciders!111one” posts floating […]

Aged 35.25

Nobody told me how hard it is to be an adult. When I fucked off out of school at eighteen with the dregs of a Leaving Certificate clutched in hand, there were no expectations laid down. Like, I was a graduate fuck-up whom no college or university would touch. I fucked around for six months […]

This is our life meow

This is life with Cookie

I’m now a pedestal, a platform for her attacks on Eadaoin’s ferns.

Bray Head from Bray train station

Eadaoin on (and after) Bray Head

Posts lag behind reality because the month past was intense, being both stressful and tiring. The pair of us climbed Bray Head on the Monday of the August bank holiday weekend. So Eadaoin thought I was mad in my insistence that we wear proper outdoor gear for the walk. Some little girl, on our way […]

Cloud forest at Bray Head

Shiny new Roost laptop stand

The Roost laptop stand is awesome! It has freed up a chunk of space on my desktop, and moved my laptop far enough away from my USB hub that I no longer get the bad EM interference that kills my WiFi connection.

This was my Saturday

Cats, cats, cats.


On the side of the Sugar Loaf, July 2016

Alanna and I climbed the Great Sugar Loaf last Saturday, then hiked down into Enniskerry. Great afternoon!

Airplane casting its own shadow on the sky

The title, uh, says it all.


Blue eyes, red hair, big heart.

Cookie naptime


Manly Sugarloaf selfie

I have it, so eh, why not flaunt it?

Yeah, we got a kitten

Meet Cookie:

Spectacular sunset skies over Dublin

Converging anticrepuscular rays and a forming lenticular cloud photographed from Churchtown, Dublin.

Selfies from the roof of the world

And this during our ‘conquest’ of Knocknarea.

Sligo Bay from the peak of Knocknarea

We climbed up, got lost in a cloud, then climbed right back down. Then we had a seaweed bath which caused me to have a panic attack.