Mark Grealish

the life and code of a crazy cat man


Last light over Phoenix Park

Taken August 2017.

I know where he gets it, at least

2017 and 2009 respectively.

Sandymount Triptych

Summer Rain

Duckface Dynasty

One easy solution for all of life’s little problems

alias fuck='sudo !!'

Aunt Chrissie

Taken in Goldengrove pub at Stratford, London, June 2017.

Take a step…

Taken at Howth, Ireland.

I asked for a smile


King Billy

No, not that Billy; the other one.

Glitchy Sandymount Strand

Taken from the number 47 bus on my way into town. :)

UX Matters

We read left-to-right. We’re trained to click left-first. Worse, the fucking unhappy path is green. I clicked this “unhappy” three times on three orders before I realized their shit. Edit: On second thoughts, this is asshole design. Make it easy for customers to leave negative responses, then use the bogus data to upsell on services.

Clarkian Magic

I live in somebody’s fictional future. Science fiction writers follow a process. First, they decide where their story will be on the spectrum of happiness-utopia or dystopia? Second, they construct a narrative history which links here and there. And finally, the writer exaggerate their made-up tomorrow for dramatic effect. The writer makes sure you know […]


The beauty of transience

I’ll be dead some day, dead and gone and left to decompose in a hole in the ground. Everyone has their time. But what’s more beautiful than transience? You have a summer day, and then it’s gone forever. It’ll never be again.

Pretty Stack Overflow-style resource URLs in Rails 5

Stack Overflow uses routes with the format /:id/:title for questions like this one, which I find to be more memorable than simply a terse ID. I’ve decided that I want this for my new project, a rewrite of this blog in Ruby on Rails 5. Small changes to a model and its routes are required […]

The Summer Day

The Summer Day Who made the world? Who made the swan, and the black bear? Who made the grasshopper? This grasshopper, I mean- the one who has flung herself out of the grass, the one who is eating sugar out of my hand, who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and […]

I triggered a tickle fight at 3am

I find nothing to complain about in such a crazy turn of events.

So she took my glasses and called herself a dumb nerd

This is the cross I bear. My niece is the worst. Woe is me. Life is pain.

A (glitchy) Irish country home

Taken from a bus somewhere in Westmeath.

Slieve Gullion and the Mountains of Mourne from Leopardstown

Taken while I leant out my bedroom window, of all places!

The family Grealish

On the occasion of Ella’s religious thingy.

Moate, Co. Westmeath

This was the best of a set of panoramas I captured from the bus as it went through town. More than the rest, this one shows Moate’s character.

Convert PSD to flattened PNG file with Imagemagick

This turned out to be quite useful at work today: for PSD in *.psd; do convert "${PSD}[0]" "${PSD/psd/png}"; done

LinkedIn, distilled

Someone with the job title Recruiter viewed your profile.

The descent to Balscadden Bay

Taken at Howth, Co. Dublin.

At Balscadden Bay

I spent an enjoyable evening in reflection on the beach. :)

Bray moonrise

It was lovely there tonight. <3

Two-thirds sky

Days like today-skies like today, I miss Nevada something fierce.

I met a doctor walking his horse

We chatted together for a while along the road to Glencullen, then went our ways.