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Cats and wizardry.

The Hill of Doon

in ireland

Taken on the Western Way in early December 2017.

The Hill of Doon
The Hill of Doon
The Hill of Doon

Madra augus Asal

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Taken on the road from the Hill of Doon to Oughterard.

Donkey on the trail at the Hill of Doon
Dog on the road near Oughterard

Upper Lough Corrib Looking Toward the Maam Valley

in infrared

Taken beside the Hill of Doon along the Western Way. What a day! What a view!

Upper Lough Corrib looking toward the Maam Valley

December 26

in me

My head hurts, but it doesn’t hurt. There’s pressure, not in my head but in my head, if you get me. Got an itch in my feet to get up and go, to run and scream and laugh and jump. I’m angry and happy and fucked up and tired and pissed off and content, and I’m coming and going all at at once.

I cleaned the house, vacuum and polish and sparkle and shine. Walked the dog (run run run). Gotta go gotta go, sit still. Up and down.

The Siblings Grealish

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Miracle of miracles, I managed to get everyone together for breakfast in Loughrea!

Frank, Jennifer and myself

Still Young

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Youngish? Far off may the day be that I can no longer balance on the wall at the Plots.

I balance on the wall at the Plots in Waterside