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Man and His Best Friend

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Taken at the Salthill promenade in Galway.

Man and dog asleep by the sea

Race Report: Kinvara Rock and Road 10k 2018

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Hey, my first road race went great! Per the chip time results:

  • Time: 00:52:37
  • Distance: 10.00km
  • Pace: 00:05:16/km
  • Place: 143/432 (33/100 normalised)

The full results from Rock and Road are pretty cool to go through and cross-reference! This is the first indication of where I fit with other runners because of how I prefer to run alone on my own time.

Myself at the finish line
Running route map

Rock and Road was a rewarding challenge. I mean, we were all there to prove something, me that I could go the distance nonstop. And just doing that was a tough novelty for me as the Dublin runner who has to stop at every junction (or die). Mental endurance matters when you just go. Think about the kilometres ahead and get disheartened. Think about your body and get out of sync. Think about the scenery and trip on a rock. All I thought about was how to keep up with the woman in blue in front of me and how to put one foot in front of the next to do that.

Bad footwork (overpronation) messed me up, although the experience has left me more aware of my own gait. With my left foot I landed too far forward, then pushed off the ground instead of allowing my lean and inertia carry me forward. By the final kilometre my left foot was numb. Gotta practice, gotta practice. :)

My next running goals are to run abroad in the sun, and then to complete a 16km road race as a step toward the half-marathon.

Killaspugbrone, Strandhill, Co. Sligo

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Killaspugbrone, Co. Sligo
Killaspugbrone, Co. Sligo

factory_bot Email Factory

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While hardly a world-shattering bit of code, I’ve found this super useful for reuse. :D

FactoryBot.define do
  factory :email_address, class: String do

    transient do
      sequence(:address) { |n| "factory_email_#{n}" }

    initialize_with do
      new address if address

Call inside a factory thus:

FactoryBot.define do
  factory :foobar do
    email { create :email_address }

To explain the calling above, factory_bot doesn’t build associations when you call attributes_for. If :foo above only had email as an attribute, then attributes_for :foo would return {}. To step around this I create an email_address and assign it to email.


Andddddd We Drunk Called Friends

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(Sorry Jenny!)

At some point I’ll have to blog about Asheron’s Call and its effect on our lives. The AC community, more than any other I’ve known, came together as people in real life.

For now, yeah, we had a great time over a couple of drinks in Dublin. :D

MissManners and I

Strandhill Snapshots

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Well as you could have guessed from the runs, I went to Strandhill last weekend with a friend. My most excellent company aside, it felt so good to be back in Sligo and the northwest for its own sake. I ran, we walked, we got burned under the sun and enjoyed fantastic food and beer at The Strand.

I can’t wait to get back out there again, sooner rather than later!

Sunset into the Atlantic at Strandhill
Beautiful cottage in the lee of Knocknarea
The Atlantic Ocean from Strandhill
Benbulben and Sligo Bay from Strandhill
Graveyard wall at Strandhill
Gravestones at Strandhill
The ruins of Killaspugbrone church
Sand and sky at Strandhill
Knocknarea from the shore of Sligo Bay