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So she took my glasses and called herself a dumb nerd

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This is the cross I bear. My niece is the worst. Woe is me. Life is pain.

Ella wearing my glasses

A (glitchy) Irish country home

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Taken from a bus somewhere in Westmeath.

A glitchy Irish home

Slieve Gullion and the Mountains of Mourne from Leopardstown

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Taken while I leant out my bedroom window, of all places!

Slieve Gullion and the Mountains of Mourne

The family Grealish

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On the occasion of Ella’s religious thingy.

The family Grealish in Loughrea

Moate, Co. Westmeath

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This was the best of a set of panoramas I captured from the bus as it went through town. More than the rest, this one shows Moate’s character.

Moate. Co. Westmeath

Convert PSD to flattened PNG file with Imagemagick

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This turned out to be quite useful at work today:

for PSD in *.psd; do convert "${PSD}[0]" "${PSD/psd/png}"; done