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Running Satisfaction

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This has been the high point of my week: a perfect run on a gorgeous spring afternoon.

9.81km in 55:07

The Kids, April 2018

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More awesome than yours, now and forever.

Garrett studies microbiology
Caira practices animal husbandry

Nicely (and Recursively) Stringify a Hash’s Keys and Values

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Works in Ruby on Rails versions >= 4 and in Ruby 2.5. This has really annoyed the shit out of me. I want to stringify keys and values individually, not turn an entire hash or array into a string.

def deep_stringify(object)
  case object
  when Hash
    object.transform_keys(&:to_s).transform_values { |val| deep_stringify val }
  when Array { |val| deep_stringify val }



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I am here, now. Mark now is Mark now. Mark then was Mark then. I’m not him.

Last year has gone and next year will come. Everything in its own time.

Tomorrow is tomorrow, yesterday is yesterday.

Breathe in now, breathe out here.

Here is here, there is there.

Now is now.

Here, now










Mgarr and Fort Chambray

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The town of Mgarr on the southeast coast of Gozo hosts the ferry terminal that’s the main point of access to the island. As Wikipedia will tell you, Mgarr has pubs and restaurants and churches and buses and homes and people. The town shelters a harbour of crystal-clear blue Mediterranean water, and that offers spectacular views of the islands of Comino and Malta.

Fort Chambray overlooks Mgarr, and here viewed from the verdant clifftops. Gozo surprised me by how lush and green and alive the island was once you got away from the towns. Every step was through a garden of wildflowers beneath azure skies.

The town of Mgarr, Gozo, Malta
Fort Chambray from the cliffs

My Fortress of Cozy Solitude

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It’s a bit of a fail when I have to work from home, but when I do its the cosiest place to be.

Home workstation