Here is hard-learned wisdom: a 365 project is difficult. One picks a subject, for which one then must prepare one photograph every day. As a then-professional photographer, I was defeated on Day 149 by the lengthy workflow: capture, import, cull, process, refine, upload, author, revise and submit, repeated every day. It just took too much time out of my day, because by the time I gave up the last thing I wanted to do was pull out my camera.

Day #3: Dundrum

And my experience is the common one: Most photographers start a 365 project and some point, and most give up before the end. Eadaoin and I have decided to take a low-energy approach to a 366 for the 2016 leap year because of this. We split work of our syzygy between us and the topic isn’t any more than “stuff in our lives.” The point of Instagram is that the service is supposed to be see, snap, share, forget, and this we will emulate.

Photographs will go up daily (at some point! :) on Instagram!

The Archivening

A major gap in the Sheepie theme has been the absence of templates for category, tag and date archives. This update adds such.


  • Added archive templates for categories, tags and dates.
  • Made a pass to simplify theme CSS by removing dual output of px and rem values for rules. Only rem values are now output.
  • Rounded off many CSS units and settled on one-quarter increments where possible.
  • Expanded flexbox rules-removed often-defunct mixin calls in favour of straight statement of rules.